Yayy – Vegan Rella is back!!!

After months of being unavailable Vegan Rella is back on store shelves. I had asked my local health food store, ‘Fountain of Vitality’ to save me a couple of blocks the moment it came in. Awesome of them to do it because they had managed to get only a small supply and that had flown off the shelves by the time I got there. If Vegan Rella is the only kind of cheese you or someone known to you can have,  make the trip to the store immediately. The joy on my son’s face as he bit into the cheese – priceless 🙂 

Vegan Rella is manufactured by  Panos Brands. Their customer servicer personnel are quite helpful and can be reached at:   

Phone #: 1-201-843-8900 Email address: info@panosbrands.com / customer.service@panosbrands.com 

Where is Vegan Rella cheese?

For all those consumers who are wondering what happened to Vegan Rella Cheese – I called up the company to enquire about the non-availability of Vegan Rella. The customer service representative I talked to said that due to supply problems of one of the ingredients, there has been no production of  vegan rella for the past 2 months. This problem should be set right in the next 2 weeks and consumers should start seeing vegan rella cheese in store shelves starting January 2010.

I heaved a sigh of relief since this is the only brand of allergy friendly cheese whcih actually melts and tastes reasonably good!

Enjoy Life Allergy Friendly Chocolate!

Whoever said ‘Save Earth. It is the only planet with chocolate’ got it right. When my son was diagnosed with being allergic to all the top 8 food allergens and more,  my second thought (first was ‘why me?’) was, ‘my son can never eat chocolate :-(.’ Then the good folks at Enjoy Life foods came up with chocolate made from rice milk  and it is definitely their best product yet. My son and even his friends who have no allergies love it!


***This picture has been taken from Enjoy Life’s website.

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Nature’s Path Buckwheat Waffles

Ask anyone with food allergies and you will realize that they spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen because it is near impossible getting allergy friendly, tasty stuff straight off the shelf.  Nature’s Path Buckwheat Wildberry waffles delivers on that count! What bliss to be able to get up in the morning and have breakfast ready in under 3 minutes 🙂 Buckwheat sounds an awful lot like ‘wheat’ but as Wikipedia puts it…buckwheat ‘is called a pseudocereal to emphasize that it is not related to wheat’.


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Glutino Allergy Friendly French Toast


The one problem I have had with most allergy friendly foods is the low calorific value of the foods. This poses a special problem for kids who then have to eat large quantities to meet their calorie needs but it is impossible for them to do that. This product is good on this count – it packs in 420 calories in 2 small French Toasts!  What makes it even better is the fact that it is also free of most common allergens 😀

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