Product Review

Ian’s Chicken Fingers

At last – a kids meal that avoids all the top 8 allergens and looks appealing to kids. The meal consists of 3 pieces of chicken fingers, corn, mashed potato and a brownie. The concept is great but the execution leaves a little to be desired…


Review: The chicken itself tastes ok but the breading is very hard especially if one heats the meal in the microwave instead of the oven. I think that a rice flour based breading would work better than a corn based breading. The brownie tastes awful. Rice flour based brownies of other brands and even home made ones taste excellent so, there is no reason why this should not taste better than it does. However, the mashed potato and corn taste good. That being said, Ian’s is one of the very few companies which has made a sincere attempt to make allengen friendly and interesting food. This helps kids with allergies feel that they are eating something similar to the fun stuff their counterparts are.

Availability: Ian’s Chicken Fingers is available in most health food stores – Whole Foods (, Fountain of Vitality ( and many local grocery stores like Wegmans ( too. To learn more about the company and the ingredients follow this link:

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