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Vegan Rella (Rice Cheese)

Yummy Vegan Rella cheese…




  1. Cheddar Style – Filtered Water, tapioca starch, brown rice flour, organic canola oil, salt, xanthum gum, carob bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan, oat flour, natural flavor, natural color(annatto).
  2. Mozzarella Style – Filtered Water, tapioca starch, brown rice flour, organic canola oil, salt, xanthum gum, carob bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan, oat flour, natural flavor.


Vegan Rella is available in 2 varieties, ‘Cheddar’ style and ‘Mozzarella’ style. This product definitely gets a ‘thumbs up’! Use this cheese like you would regular cheese – for e.g. grate it and use it on pizza or pasta.  It tastes almost like the real thing when consumed without heating.  However, it does not melt and brown like real cheese. Instead it just turns into a sticky thick fluid which does not solidify again even after it becomes cold. It still tastes good and is an excellent alternative for those with “Multiple Food Allergies”.

Availability & Contact Information: 

I have found it difficult to get this cheese easily. The only place which carries it near my place is the Fountain of Vitality store ( You can also contact the company directly for local stores in your area which might carry Vegan Rella:

Company name: Panos Brands

Phone #: 1-201-843-8900

Email address: /

14 thoughts on “Vegan Rella (Rice Cheese)”

  1. Have got to try this out. I have not been very successful so far in finding a suitable vegan replacement to cheese. This product is something I have not come acorss; so got to try it out.

  2. What has happened to Veganrella? We don’t use it as much since the price went way up. But for Thanksgiving bot a pkg. – even more expensive. Texture was very diferent. Stuck to grater and the knife – very hard to slice, and really sticky to the touch. Taste is not better, but stronger. So disappointing. I used to buy 5-6 pakages at a time, less as the price went up, and now we will probably stop buying it.

  3. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for the input. I tried getting veganrella recently and it was out of stock. I have found that regular availability is the biggest problem with allergy-friendly foods. Sometimes, companies just fold shop leaving customers on the lurch 😦 Will update my review after I manage to get my hands on the latest batch of veganrella. I recently came across another brand of sliced rice cheese which was quite good. Will be reviewing it soon.

  4. Until a month ago, I have been able to get Vegan Rella at a local health store. They say their warehouse has run out, but hope to get more soon. Yes, it isn’t the same as cheese. I top pizza the last 10 minutes with Vegan Rella and pour a little pizza sauce over the top. Works great. I also use a cheese wire slicer. Much better than a knife. Put a light coat of olive oil on surfaces for grating. I hope to get more soon. It has no casein and no processed soy. Taste is great. Love it in salads, sauces, and much more. Try it. Good alternative, but not exactly the same. Be inventive.

  5. Hi Carol,

    That was very useful input. I have struggled with trying to melt veganrella to the optimum point without it becoming too watery. Have you ever tried making something like mac n cheese with it? Would love to hear back from you because it is a constant challenge to make cheese centric dishes for allergic kids.


  6. vegan rella will melt in the microwave. 20 seconds. it also melts if you make grilled cheese with it. I love it! But have not found any of it for several months. Hope it returns. They took the sign down for it at my health food store. Not a good sign…

  7. Loved veganrella back in the 90’s, but the flavor i used to get doesn’t exist anymore, Pepper Jack or Pepper Mozzarella? It’s been so long, I can’t remember.

    I just picked up a package of Vegan Gourmet Monty Jack. I’ve read many reviews that this one melts like cheese. It is gluten free, but not soy free for those that this matters.

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog Candida. Pepper Jack – yum! I have been wanting to call up the company and have a chat with them. Vegan Rella is the only dairy free cheese out there which is also soy-free. Hence – very, very important – wish their distribution was more streamlined and regular.

  8. As a cheese obsessed kid, it was difficult for me to transition to a vegan lifestyle eight years ago. After years of searching, I usually enjoy Follow Your Heart Cheddar as the best cheese alternative.
    I tried Tofu Rella as a new vegetarian–I was desperate for an alternative and open to anything. Since then, I have not gone back to the Rella cheeses, but lately, it’s been difficult to find Follow Your Heart.
    I was about to try Vegan Rella Mozarella on my pizza,
    but it’s awful.
    It feels like uncooked bread dough…and tastes like it too.
    The first ingredients are water and powders that create the cheesy texture
    (the first ingredient in Tofu Rella is TOFU).
    It melts and becomes quite watery in the microwave.

    I’ve been vegan this long and tend to make the things I could once only buy.
    The next time I’m craving cheese I’ll try my own recipe.

    A great natural cheese alternative is nutritional yeast (not brewer’s yeast).
    It is flaky and tastes similar to parmesan, it’s the best.


    1. Hello Rick,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. The cheese may taste awful but that is the only choice people with a dairy and soy allergy have. Incidentally – my son loves it 🙂

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