Allergen Friendly Crepe


This recipe for French Crepes avoids the usage of all the top 8 food allergens and still tastes amazingly similar to the original version. This dish goes by the name of Neer Dosa in Mangalore which, is in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.


1)      Rice flour – 1 cup

2)      Water – 2.5 – 3 cups. You can substitute half of the liquid required with Oat milk, Hemp milk, Rice Milk or Coconut milk depending on any allergies you might have.  This changes the consistency of the batter a little but increases the nutritional content significantly. I always look for ways to up the nutrition content of a dish by using substitutes. Make every bite count!

3)      Salt – per taste

4)      Optional- Add grated carrots, coconut and/or very thinly and small cut spinach


1)      Place the rice flour in a deep dish.

2)      Add the salt and pour the water slowly into the flour while missing it. Mix it thoroughly, ensuring that there are no lumps. Add the grated carrot or spinach at this stage. The batter should be very thin.

3)      Heat a frying pan on medium flame.

4)      Smear ½ tsp oil with a brush.

5)      Sprinkle a drop of water on the hot pan. If it splatters the pan is at the optimum temperature. Ensure that the pan does not over heat and start smoking.

6)      Take a ½ cup full of batter and pour it on the pan by moving the ladle around so that it forms a thin crepe. An alternate way of doing it is to pour the batter on the pan and move the pan around to spread the batter.

7)      Cook it till the top of the crepe is mostly dry. With a flat spatula carefully lift the crepe from the edge and flip it. Cook the other side for half a minute.

8)      You can cook it longer if you want a crispy crepe.

Serve fresh!


Sweet Crepes

Instead of the salt add sugar to the flour mixture to make sweet French crepes and serve it with sweet toppings like syrup, powdered sugar, sliced fruits or fruit spreads.

Savory Crepes

You can add your choice of savory fillings like vegetables (spinach, mushroom, asparagus etc.) or meat products.

Yield: 16 crepes, 8 inches in diameter.

7 thoughts on “Allergen Friendly Crepe”

  1. Bravo! No doubt this blog will bring tons of valuable (and delicious) information to many many folks.


  2. Awesome!! Very impressive, you did it so well. I’m looking forward to more and more from you. Thank you for sharing!

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