Countdown to Valentine’s Day – recipes galore!

Love, love, love this time of the year – the cute Valentine’s day parties at school, clumsy but affectionate attempts by beaus to fix a romantic dinner or breakfast in bed – delicious ;-). So, here is an allergy friendly recipe countdown to this most loving time of the year. Best of all, we will also make it nutritious…

1) Savory high protein waffles: Kicking off Valentine’s Day celebrations on a high note…met an amazing woman over this weekend who has this uncanny gift of making food super fun. Her larger than life approach to all things culinary is captured in an informative and humorous food blog, ‘Iyer n’ Chef Wannabe‘. Her rendition of savory waffles is not just packed with proteins but also allergy friendly…the only ingredient being dehusked matpe beans (also known as black gram, urad, udad). This ingredient is most easily available in most South Asian grocery stores and more specifically in Indian stores. So, here is Niv Mani, ‘Waffling around’. Thanks Niv – my son loved your allergy friendly waffles and am sure there will be many who will fall in love with it 🙂

Options: Up the nutrition quotient by adding finely shredded cabbage or thinly sliced spinach or grated carrots or let your creativity go wild and share the happy results with us…

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