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Flaxseed – the power house of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that the body is incapable of synthesizing on its own! Yes, the very same Omega 3 fatty acid that is being touted as a possible deterrent to cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer, arthritis and a host of other health problems from ADHD and reduced inflammation to Bipolar disorder. Little wonder, this magic seed is fast becoming a part of everything from yogurt to bread! With that there has been an increase in the number of people discovering that they are severely allergic to Flax. I did not understand the full extent of this problem till I wrote a post on flax seed allergy – the reader response was tremendous and led to one of the readers writing a guest post on the very same issue. That article too had high readership!! The reason is simple – flax seed allergy is still relatively uncommon.  With its new found fame, there are zillions of articles dedicated to flax but hardly any talking about flax seed allergies.

Many of my readers had a lot of useful information for people with flax seed allergy – alternative names, food products containing flax, useful links, symptoms and more. This post is a compilation of this input and more…

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Uncommon allergies – Flax seed!

Allergy Foodie is so excited to have its first reader contribution – thank you Ali! I wrote an article about flax seed allergy a few months back and since then Ali has helped me answer the many questions other readers have had about this uncommon allergy. But for her I would have never known that microwaveable neck /back/foot wraps may contain flax seeds and cause a reaction in those people who are severely allergic to flax seed. Her input has been so invaluable that I requested her to write a guest post about flax seed allergy. What follows is her personal journey – the symptoms, the many missteps towards isolating the food that caused her allergic reaction, online resources and much more.

April of 2004 was my first encounter with (what would take nearly a year to discover) a severe food allergy. Back then, I actually thought that it was food poisoning and didn’t give it much credence.

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