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Annual FAAN walk – walk to save a life!

FAAN – Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network is ‘the world leader in information, resources, and programs for food allergy, a potentially life-threatening medical condition that afflicts as many as 15 million Americans, including approximately 6 million children.  FAAN provides information and educational resources about food allergy to patients, their families, schools, health professionals, pharmaceutical companies, the food industry, and government officials.’ Their mission is ‘to raise public awareness, to provide advocacy and education, and to advance research on behalf of all those affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis.’ –

Every year they hold the annual FAAN walk in different cities across the United States starting in May and going on till the end of year – The funds they raise is used to fund food allergy awareness, advocacy, education, and research programs. As they aptly put it, ‘We walk to save a life!’

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