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How & Where to a ‘cool’ allergy-friendly meal!

Recently a reader asked me for some resources to make quick, nutritious but ‘cool’ meals for her son who has multiple food allergies. Making interesting dishes for my son has been my objective from the day he was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Quite a few sources have helped me in this ‘cool’ quest:

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Awesome resource for food allergies…

Keeping on top of things and constantly innovating is the biggest challenge when managing food allergies. To this end one of my favorite resources is a magazine called, “LIVING WITHOUT” – The magazine for people with allergies and food sensitivities (

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The magazine devotes a lot of ink to gluten-free living but it also talks about other food allergies, latest research, recipes, substitutes and so much more. The contributors are excellent – so, the articles are packed with useful information. They also have an interactive section which answers many queries which even an allergist may feel hard-pressed to answer. My favorite part – I become aware of companies manufacturing allergy-friendly products and organizations offering valuable resources for allergy-friendly living.

Every food allergy sufferer should get their hands on this magazine at least once to judge its usefulness…chances are you will become a subscriber 🙂 So, the next time you are are at the checkout line at the supermarket, pick up a copy for yourself or for a family which is dealing with food allergies! Also, subscribe to their free recipe e-newsletter, – some of the recipes are pretty good!

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Breadless Fourth of July

 A couple of months back, a friend of mine, Raman Prasad, wrote this piece after he had a chat with me about how families deal with food allergies and celebrate holidays like 4th of July… 

Four-year-old Arjun will be breadless this Fourth of July: no hamburger buns, no hot dog buns, no bread of any kind. Arjun suffers from severe food allergies. He is not alone: Four percent of U.S. children have a food allergy, according to the Center for Disease Control. As scientists scratch their heads at the reason for these potentially deadly allergies, patients and their families have changed their diets in an attempt to keep them under control.

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Flax Seed Allergy…what next?!?

Last weekend I was at a family gathering. Amidst all that excitement, I made a shocking discovery as I was talking to one of my cousins who is in her 50s. She mentioned that she had recently been diagnosed with severe “flax seed allergy”. Prior to that, she had no food allergies so; it had been quite a challenge for her and her allergist to zero in on the possible allergen. That is one of the difficulties of developing food allergies at a later stage in life because we have already included hundreds of food items in our diet.

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