News from the ‘food allergy’ world…

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is one of my CNN heroes as he and his team bring a variety of medical news to the common man through the blog ‘pagingdrgupta’ making information more easily available. Here are a couple of links relevant to allergy sufferers:

The latest document released by AAAI (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology) contain the guidelines for the best practices for management of a disease where there is no current treatment – the first ever of its kind.

The second link addresses the dangerous prevalence of bullying food allergy sufferers . Hard to imagine that young children can find food allergies funny and a sign of weakness leading them to bully kids suffering from severe food allergies. However, I have come across moms who are doctors expressing annoyance with the schools their kids go to for not allowing them to send an easy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If doctor moms don’t get it – how do we expect a middle-schooler to get it?!? Maybe the idea that its not their problem and the allergy sufferer should look out for themselves is being perpetrated through unconscious social cues.  The media definitely plays an active role in furthering this …almost every other sitcom has one laughable character with food allergies – Dr. Niles Crane from the otherwise brilliantly made ‘Frasier’, Howard from ‘Big Bang Theory’. In an era when McDonald’s can be sued for fattening people and Dunkin Donuts for scalding hot coffee – food allergies, in my opinion, is a far more serious issue!  CNN got an overwhelming response to their article “Food allergies make kids a target of bullies”

As a food allergy sufferer or their caretaker, the link to the following blogpost is an eyeopener to what is out there:

Is “Fountain of Vitality” history?

A tough and stagnant economy has yet another victim…my son’s favorite brand of allergy friendly cheese is Vegan Rella and ‘Fountain of Vitality was the only store that carried it near where I live. Apart from Vegan Rella, this small chain of health food stores carried a very diverse, hard-to-find allergy-friendly foods. It was also one of the few chains which boasted excellent customer service – they were knowledgeable about the products, were prompt about calling me for back-ordered items and took suggestions seriously.  Compared to giants like Whole Foods, they still held their own.

Imagine the utter dismay of a mom of a multiple food allergy child when I found this notice on their door today,

“After 35 years in business we are sorry to say that Fresh and Wholesome Foods and Fountain of Vitality are closed. Thank you for your support through all these years. We have enjoyed serving you and will miss you.”

In many of my previous blog posts, I have listed this chain as a great place to buy the reviewed product. Unfortunately, that information is not current anymore.

Here are a couple of links that offer some more information to readers about the future of this great chain of wholesome, allergy-friendly stores:                  tough_economic_times_forces_fr.html (copy and paste the whole link)!/pages/Berkeley-Heights-NJ/Fresh-Wholesome-Market/178294730441

Hope this chain gets a buyer who can keep up the tradition of tough-to-find allergy friendly foods backed with customer service which exceeds expectations.

Hope for peanut allergy sufferers?

I draw a lot of strength from articles which remind me that allergists and researchers around the world are trying their best to find a cure for food allergy sufferers especially peanut which, can trigger anaphylaxis. As Dr. Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, associate professor of pediatrics at Mount Sinai said, “This is very exciting, clearly, because here we have somebody who can have anaphylaxis and deadly reaction from trace amounts, and you’re converting this person into somebody who can tolerate a significant amount of the food.” Whether it is immunotherapy or Chinese herbal medicine which has the potential to help people like my son, the ‘Hope’ makes me feel that ‘Dreams can come true!’ Extremely encouraging article…

Uncommon allergies – Flax seed!

Allergy Foodie is so excited to have its first reader contribution – thank you Ali! I wrote an article about flax seed allergy a few months back and since then Ali has helped me answer the many questions other readers have had about this uncommon allergy. But for her I would have never known that microwaveable neck /back/foot wraps may contain flax seeds and cause a reaction in those people who are severely allergic to flax seed. Her input has been so invaluable that I requested her to write a guest post about flax seed allergy. What follows is her personal journey – the symptoms, the many missteps towards isolating the food that caused her allergic reaction, online resources and much more.

April of 2004 was my first encounter with (what would take nearly a year to discover) a severe food allergy. Back then, I actually thought that it was food poisoning and didn’t give it much credence.

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Peanut in Orange Juice – what next?!?

Most of us are sure that we are going to be served what we order for in a restaurant or a food can will contain what the ingredient listing claims. However, we live in a world of cross-contamination, mechanical glitches and human errors! So, food allergy sufferers should always be wary of anything that they have not prepared themselves from scratch…
Yesterday I ran into a friend whose 4 year old son has severe peanut, dairy and egg allergies and had this scary incident to relate.  The family had gone out for dinner to Cheesecake Factory. My friend had ensured that her little boy had already been fed dinner to avoid the risk of giving him something that he might be allergic to at the restaurant. Just so he did not feel completely left out, they ordered an orange juice for him.  What harm could good old OJ do apart from injecting an extra dose of immunity boosting Vitamin C into the tiny sweetheart?!?  Not so…the little one wanting to be extra affectionate to mom insisted that she take a sip of  his orange juice. Not wanting to create a scene in the restaurant, she took a small sip and suddenly felt a big solid particle in her mouth.  Imagine her horror when she spit it out on to a napkin…the particle was a big chunk of peanut!!!  That chunk would have sent her son into anaphylactic shock in seconds had he ingested it. Recovering from her shock, she asked for the waiter. The waiter was apologetic and the only way he felt he make up for it was by offering a free meal. It reminded me of an episode from ‘King of Queens’ where Doug and Carrie are offered a free week at a hotel when their house gets infested with bed bugs after a stay at that same hotel 😀
A similar incident happened to me on 3 separate occasions at Taco Bell. One would wonder why I went to the place 3 times but Taco Bell is one place which offers a huge number of choices for my son and it is one the few places he loves eating at. The particular franchise (located at  (225-227 US Highway 22, NJ 08812) that I visit has extremely poor service. Despite repeating many times what I don’t want in the taco, they have served it up with allergens and their attitude to the mistake has been, ‘what do you want me to do?’ I sent a mail to the parent company and within a couple of days got a call from the manager of the local Taco Bell. He apologized profusely and begged us to visit him again for a meal on the house. So, we decided to give them another chance but managed to get there only a fortnight later.  Here the joke was on us…the manager had got transferred and they were not able to honor their commitment 🙂
One is not sure if in Cheesecake factory the peanut was in the can it was packaged in or got cross contaminated when it was being served up. At Taco Bell, it was obviously a case of human error because the order was taken correctly but fulfilled with mistakes. Whatever the case maybe, a few valuable lessons reinforced…
1)  When ordering in a restaurant, first order clearly for the person with food allergies. Once the waiter has completed that order, the others should place their meal request.  I had noticed that the Taco Bell made mistakes whenever I ordered other things apart from what the allergy friendly meal I was ordering for my son at the same time.
2) A food allergy sufferer should always have epipen handy.
3) Always check the food before ingesting it. The more layered the food is, the more thorough the examination should be – an orange juice versus a chicken taco!
4) Food companies and restaurants should have social responsibility. I wish Taco Bell would have taken a more socially conscious approach when dealing with my complaint. The bitter truth is we cannot rely on that. A particular franchise of even the best chain of restaurants may have a few careless employees so, we have to be careful always.
Safe eating out!

How & Where to a ‘cool’ allergy-friendly meal!

Recently a reader asked me for some resources to make quick, nutritious but ‘cool’ meals for her son who has multiple food allergies. Making interesting dishes for my son has been my objective from the day he was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Quite a few sources have helped me in this ‘cool’ quest:

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Awesome resource for food allergies…

Keeping on top of things and constantly innovating is the biggest challenge when managing food allergies. To this end one of my favorite resources is a magazine called, “LIVING WITHOUT” – The magazine for people with allergies and food sensitivities (

Picture taken from

The magazine devotes a lot of ink to gluten-free living but it also talks about other food allergies, latest research, recipes, substitutes and so much more. The contributors are excellent – so, the articles are packed with useful information. They also have an interactive section which answers many queries which even an allergist may feel hard-pressed to answer. My favorite part – I become aware of companies manufacturing allergy-friendly products and organizations offering valuable resources for allergy-friendly living.

Every food allergy sufferer should get their hands on this magazine at least once to judge its usefulness…chances are you will become a subscriber 🙂 So, the next time you are are at the checkout line at the supermarket, pick up a copy for yourself or for a family which is dealing with food allergies! Also, subscribe to their free recipe e-newsletter, – some of the recipes are pretty good!