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Awesome resource for food allergies…

Keeping on top of things and constantly innovating is the biggest challenge when managing food allergies. To this end one of my favorite resources is a magazine called, “LIVING WITHOUT” – The magazine for people with allergies and food sensitivities (

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The magazine devotes a lot of ink to gluten-free living but it also talks about other food allergies, latest research, recipes, substitutes and so much more. The contributors are excellent – so, the articles are packed with useful information. They also have an interactive section which answers many queries which even an allergist may feel hard-pressed to answer. My favorite part – I become aware of companies manufacturing allergy-friendly products and organizations offering valuable resources for allergy-friendly living.

Every food allergy sufferer should get their hands on this magazine at least once to judge its usefulness…chances are you will become a subscriber 🙂 So, the next time you are are at the checkout line at the supermarket, pick up a copy for yourself or for a family which is dealing with food allergies! Also, subscribe to their free recipe e-newsletter, – some of the recipes are pretty good!

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