As Allergy Foodie slowly but surely approaches its 3rd anniversary, it is with a sense of immense gratitude and delight that I share with all my readers details of some of the awards and honorable mentions that the blog has garnered along the way.  The smile on my son’s face and these moments when my efforts are recognized, feed my passion even more to help make our society a safer and more empathetic place, so all those with food allergies can ‘thrive’. To this end I am thankful to all the caregivers who reach out through community outreach activities, researchers, allergists, non-profit organizations in the field of food allergies, companies that make allergy-friendly products, teachers and so many more who have already made this world a safer place to live in for the love and light of my life, my 6 year old son, Arjun…

  1. Top 25 Food Allergy Mom Blogs: What an awesome day it was when I got one late October morning in 2011 to see an email saying that Allergy Foodie had been nominated for a spot in the Top 25 Food Allergy Mom Blogs by ‘Circle of Moms’ – a network of 6 million moms.  was nothing compared to the sheer gratitude I felt However, thatThe icing on the cake was when Allergy Foodie was voted the #2 blog out of a 100 odd blogs nominated in all of North America  
  2. Liebster Award: A award designed by the blogging community which gives an opportunity to a blogger to recognize other exceptional bloggers in a particular field.  Food Allergy Chronicles recognized Allergy Foodie as one such outstanding Food Allergy Blog.
  3. Allergy-Free Wednesdays Recipe Pick: Being recognized by one’s peers is the best kind of compliment. Little wonder that I felt so honored when a blog hop created by The Tasty AlternativeGluten Freely FrugalGluten Free PantryThe Willing CookReal Food Allergy Free and Domestic Diva picked an Allergy Foodie recipe to be featured in their ‘Allergy Friendly Wednesday’!
  4. Yet another popular fellow blogger, Monique  mention in your article ‘Multiple Food Allergies Complicate Life’. She has this to say about Allergy Foodie…”Another site that I like for those of us with multiple allergies is Allergy Foodie. Anu Rao writes about her journey with her son, who was also diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Her son is allergic to all 8 common food allergens! Her passion for good food that is fun means that her blog is full of discussions of ingredients, allergy free eating and good nutrition. (This is a woman after my own heart!)” Be Allergy Wise editor Monique Attinger is a former management consultant and researcher who has abandoned the rat race for the joys of childrearing and writing. Her two children are her inspiration to keep learning as much as possible about allergies – both hers and theirs.
  5. Enjoy Life Foods Blog Roll: It is a privilege to be a part of the blog roll of one of the foremost companies in the field of food allergies, ‘Enjoy Life Foods’. To be recognized as a blog worthy of visitng by such an esteemed company is a true honor.
  6. The Top 50 Celiac Blogs by Healthcare Technicians: Heather Trotter, the force behind Healthcare Technicians (a go-to blog for all those aspiring to be Healthcare Technicians) includes Allergy Foodie in the Top 50 Celiac Blogs in her post ‘Who needs wheat anyways? The Top 50 Celiac Blogs’. Heather has this to say about my blog…‘Allergy Foodie – What are the top eight food allergies? Find out through the blog, but more importantly, it includes tips on how to live with each. Gluten free is just one of them.’
  7. A mention as one of the top food allergy bloggers by ‘The Food Allergy Foundation (FAF)’: FAF is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families and individuals manage life with food allergies.
  8. The go-to blog for Flax Seed Allergy support-group: Allergy Foodie’s first reader post on Flax Seed allergies,  ‘Uncommon Allergies – Flaxseed!’ went viral because this is one of the very blogs that discusses this rare allergy at length. This has led to the formation of an impromptu support-group for those with severe flax-seed allergies.
  9. Called on by the Circle of Moms website on numerous occassions to answer food and food allergy related-questions for e.g. ‘7 Simple Cooking Shortcuts
  10. Visit Allergy Foodie’s Facebook page for daily updates from the world of food allergies.
  11. Mentioned as a quality food allergy blog by others in the online space –, Kamat’s Weblogs and Christine’s Bake Shop to name a few.

5 thoughts on “Press”

  1. Hello, we are raising much needed awareness to the real dangers of food allergies and the increase of Food Allergy related bullying.
    An Estimated 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies. Every three minutes, a food-allergic reaction sends an American to the ER. Every six minutes the reaction is one of Anaphylaxis, a life threatening reaction which can cause death
    Journalist and mother, GRACE FARAH, whose six year old daughter suffers from severe food allergies, has produced and directed ‘TRIGGER’ a short documentary film and awareness campaign.
    The Film is available on line for FREE to be shared and accessed by all in the hope of raising awareness, preventing avoidable accidents and curb the rise of bullying of food allergy children.
    The film is an independent, not for profit project and its sole purpose is to educate the public and raise awareness
    Some facts about food allergies:
    • There is NO CURE for food allergies
    • There is NO MEDICATION available to prevent reactions. Avoidance of food is the ONLY way to prevent a reaction.
    Please help keep food allergy sufferers safe by watching and sharing the information provided in the TRIGGER film and website.
    Thank You.

    1. Thank you for the amazing video – it is heart-rending and oh, so true! I am going to share this on my blog and Allergy Foodie FB page.

  2. Hello I have a super crucial question about the flaxseed allergy. Do you think you could help me?
    Thank You

  3. Hello,

    My name is Caitlin Reiter, and I am a food allergy blogger. I am a twenty-four year old wife, college graduate, and Children’s Librarian. I have recently started writing my own food allergy blog,, that includes allergy-friendly recipes, allergy-friendly places, and lifestyle articles that consist of topical food allergy issues. I feel that I provide a unique perspective compared to other food allergy blogs (which tend to be mothers of children with food allergies) in that I am considered a part of the Millennial generation, and deal with relevant issues for this generation. I would appreciate any opportunities or feedback in order to share my knowledge with this generation of allergic children that are now reaching young adulthood.

    Thank you – I appreciate your time!

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