Allergy Friendly Pigeon Peas Tomato Soup

Brrr – 14 F but the lure of the snow does not allow one to remain indoors…


A beautiful, brisk hike till my fingers and toes were numb and back into the warm comfort of home…what better time than to whip up a warm bowl of Allergy Friendly Pigeon Peas Tomato soup which is also surprisingly quick to make…Green Brook-20140105-00804

Yield: Serves 2-3 people


  1. Split Pigeon Peas without skin: ¼ cup (available in any health food store)
  2. Turmeric powder: 1/8 tsp.
  3. Freshly ground 1/2 tsp. cumin seeds + 1/4 tsp. black pepper powder: 1 tsp.  (I like it coarsely ground)
  4. Curry leaves: 4-5 (optional)
  5. Tomatoes: 2 large
  6. Rock Salt
  7. Finely chopped Cilantro: 1 tbsp.


  1. Pressure cook the pigeon peas with turmeric powder and 1 cup water till completely soft. You can cook directly on stove top too – it will just take longer! (I keep a cooked batch handy in the freezer almost always)
  2. In a heavy bottomed vessel add the cooked pigeon peas and the remaining ingredients. Green Brook-20140105-00799
  3. Add 3-4 times water and cook over medium heat for approximately 10 minutes. Green Brook-20140105-00801
  4. The flavors of the soup have reached its peak when a whitish red froth forms on the surface – it’s time to switch off the heat. If desired garnish with 1 tbsp. of finely chopped cilantro leaves. Green Brook-20140105-00805
  5. Serve it hot with your favorite allergy friendly bread. For a hearty twist, add 2-3 tbsp. of cooked brown or white rice to the soup.     Green Brook-20140105-00809

Yesss – winter just got better even if you were part of the audience as the 49ers and Green Bay Packers battled it out in Wisconsin’s sub-zero temperatures 🙂

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