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8 years of Allergy Friendly Living…

I truly believe that a memorable birthday is one of the best memories you can gift your child. I still remember every birthday party my parents threw  me despite their extremely modest means from the special birthday frock to the cake.  My baby – all of 8 years old and maybe, just maybe even I have to admit that he is a baby no more!

This year he wanted a pirate themed birthday party…


The birthday cake was Homemade Martha Stewart’s Red velvet cupcakes (to ensure zero cross-contamination with nuts) featuring his favorite sport – baseball!

But, for me the best part about his birthday party was when one of his dearest friends who has a severe dairy and egg allergy felt so special because I had made allergy friendly Cherrybrook Farm chocolate cupcakes  and pizza with Daiya mozzarella cheese for her. The child was ecstatic to have her first slice of pizza albeit allergy friendly in her 8 year old life and cupcakes that other kids wanted too!

It has become a tradition for my boy to start off his birthday with a very special breakfast. This year he wanted black beans and cheese grilled sandwich. Yes, now he can eat small quantities of processed dairy products…

Green Brook-20130424-00301

And a ‘Dari-free’ banana berry shake…

Green Brook-20130424-00299

Steps to an awesome Dari-free Berry Shake:


  1. Dari-free: 2 heaping tsps.
  2. Water: 3/4 cup
  3. Banana: 1/2
  4. Berry Mix: 1/2 cup


  1. Prepare Dari-free milk according to directions with the water and dari-free powder. You can use  Oat milk, Rice Milk, Coconut Milk or Hemp milk instead.
  2. Mix the fruits, Dari-free milk and ice in the blender and there you have it…

Of course, his lunch box had to have a special note from mommy…

Green Brook-20130424-00302

And, he has to pick out an outfit from his favorite store, Naartjie! Yes – he is quite the metrosexual little boy who swears by this South African designer because of her attention to detail 😉

Green Brook-20130424-00306

And, then dinner was his first time trying what he had been begging for ages – a steak dinner with steamed broccoli at Uno’s Chicago Grill. Now why does mommy like Uno’s?! Quite simple – they were among the first restaurants in my knowledge which have a detailed ingredient listing and waiters that are aware of the precautions to be taken when ‘food allergy’ is mentioned!

My young man has had such an eventful year where he has thrived despite his multiple food allergies. He has learnt that one does not run away from the ball in soccer as his team went on to win the championship…

20130615_113648 (1)

He has learnt to be a graceful loser as his coach pitch team had an undefeated season but went on to lose the championship. Yes – he and his best pal ran off for an ice cream the moment the last game ended 😉 Arjun’s fav allergy-friendly ice cream is the Spongebob Popsicle though he does hate their awful gum ball eyes!

Green Brook-20130413-00275

Yes, he found his love in playing drums – thanks to the awesome atmosphere in School Of Rock


He also has grown to love skateboarding, snowboarding, golfing, basketball, swimming and chess! He is yet to excel at anything but I am convinced he is on the right path because he has found a joy in learning and is passionate about the journey.

Above all he is a goofy child…


Whose mommy loves him to death and wants to make the world a safer place for all food allergy sufferers…


Yes, my son is small compared to his peers in large part because of his food allergies. Numerous studies have shown that children with multiple food allergies tend to be much smaller but thanks to his personal challenges he is blossoming into an aware, thinking and curious child!

Ending this post with his favorite lullaby…’Into my arms, oh Lord‘! Yes – he listens to it three times every night before he falls asleep 🙂 And, with good wishes to everyone out there!


8 thoughts on “8 years of Allergy Friendly Living…”

  1. lovely and son make a friendly good to see you as a very responsible mother

  2. Where can I buy DariFree in South Africa. I used it now when I visited my children in Peru and want to continue to use it. I used Rice milk before but prefer DariFree. I live in Scottburgh, Kwa Zulu Natal
    Thank you
    Gerda Schlebusch

  3. What a thoughtful celebration. He must be ten now I guess. Stories like yours keep inspiring other worried parents on Affimity whose kids have allergies.

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