Allergy Friendly Gift Basket…a pictoblog!

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year and the happiest season of all :-)Wishing everyone a joyous and safe holiday season from Allergy Foodie. This year was specially precious because I had an awesome time making Allergy Foodie gift baskets consisting of simple AF (Allergy Friendly) goodies! Organic, wholesome, nutritious and flavored with spices and herbs – perfect way to warm up a cold winter evening…

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds: Organic raw green pumpkin seeds, fresh lemon juice, chilli powder, salt with a dash of dark brown sugar!

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds


Granola Fruit and Seed Bars: Old fashioned oats, organic pumpkin seeds, organic quinoa, organic dark brown sugar, organic local honey, organic dried fruits (dates, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries)

Sugar  Cookies: Cherrybrook Sugar Cookie Mix beautifully decorated by my little one 🙂
Sugar Cookies

Biscotti: Organic Rice Flour, Bean Flour, Herbs and Earth Balance Butter substitute.

Biscotti bursting with flavors.

Hot chocolate mix: Unsweetened pure cocoa powder, dairy-free chocolate chips, sugar with a hint of cinnamon and chilli powder to make it truly gourmet 🙂 Packaged with egg-free Marshmallows – cold winter evenings beckon…

And, finally the Allergy Friendly gift basket…

2 thoughts on “Allergy Friendly Gift Basket…a pictoblog!”

  1. I love the idea of an allergen free gift basket! How wonderful! The ribbon with ‘Allergie Foodie’ is awesome…where did you get that done? I am so thankful to have found your site…I am inspired to try new foods and flavours …I have presented you with an award on my site. Congradulations! Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles

  2. Thank you so much Susan. It was a hectic holiday seaason with tons of cooking et al so, have lagged behind on the blog front. I got the ribbon from an online resource called Ribbon Warehouse. Really honored to get an award from fellow blogger. We learn so much from each other that it is truly enriching.

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