Vote ‘Allergy Foodie’ Into ‘Top 25 Food Allergy Blogs’

I am tickled pink and extremely honored that ALLERGY FOODIE  has been nominated for a spot in the Top 25 Food Allergy Blogs by ‘Circle of Moms’ – a network of 6 million moms. This blog is one of the very few that exclusively addresses the issue of thriving  with ‘All the Top 8 Food Allergies and more’. A spot on the list will ensure that many more can benefit from what I have learnt through my trials and tribulations.

Many of you have already been voting for ALLERGY FOODIE – thank you so much 🙂 Please continue voting  once/day till November 16th. If you have not voted till now but enjoy my posts and would like to vote for me, click on the pretty pink ‘Circle of Moms Vote For Me Badge’ in the top right corner of this page or go to the link: http://www.circleofmoms.com/top25/top-food-allergy-blogs-2011?trk=t25_top-food-allergy-blogs-2011. Scroll down the list and look for ALLERGY FOODIE by Anu Rao and vote for it. Voting is open till Nov 16th and you can vote once/ day. 

Thank you so much and dont forget to keep voting. It is your support that will earn me a spot in the Top 25 🙂:-)

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