Thanksgiving countdown: AF Mung Bean Crepes!

Wanna pack an AF (Allergy Friendly) protein punch before you set out for Black Friday shopping?! Allergy Foodie has just the right solution for you – sharing one of my son’s favorite breakfast items…

So, here is to Allergy Friendly (AF) Mung Bean Crepes 🙂


Yield: Approximately 20 – 25 crepes.


  1. Mung Bean (split and hulled): 1 cup (Whole Foods and most health food stores stock it) 

    Dried, hulled, split Mung Beans
  2. Uncooked White Rice: 3/4 cup                           

    Raw Rice
  3. Cumin Seeds: 1/2 teaspoon (optional)
  4. Peppercorn: 3-4 (optional)
  5. Cilantro/ Coariander leaves – A bunch (optional)
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Oil: to grease pan while making pancakes


  1. Wash and soak the mung bean and rice in enough water (that it completely covers the rice and beans) for atleast 3 hours. Add the peppercorn and cumin seeds too. The mixture will absorb water and soften as well as swell up.

    Soaked Mung Beans and Rice
  2. Drain the water almost completely and add half the mixture to the blender.  If you like the flavor of cilantro add that to the blender too along with tumeric powder and salt.
  3. Grind till smooth. Add more water if the mixture is getting stuck and not grinding easily. Caution – add water a little at a time. The consistency of the batter should be like pancake batter. The batter shown below is green in color because I ground cilantro with the rice and bean mixture. However, adding cilantro is entirely optional. Grind the rest of the mixture and store the batter in a container that is large enough so that there is atleast 2 inches of empty space on top.

    Mung Bean Crepe Batter.
  4. Let the batter ferment in a warm, dry place for atleast 2 hours. The batter can be kept it in the oven but make sure that the oven is ‘NOT’ on. If you want a slightly sour taste to the batter like sourdough bread – let the batter ferment overnight. If the weather is warm the batter will ferment much faster.
  5. The fermented batter will expand a little because of the incorporated air . Hence the empty space needed in the batter container. The batter will overflow if it is just the right size 🙂 The fermented batter will be light and fluffy. Now we are all set to make the crepes…yayy!
  6. Place a large non-stick or cast iron griddle on medium heat.
  7. To test if pan is ready: When you place your hand about 6 inches above the pan and can feel the heat of the pan or if you sprinkle a teaspoon of water in the center of the pan, it sizzles and evaporates almost instantly – the pan is ready 🙂
  8. The first crepe should be a test one – place a tablespoon of batter in the center of the pan. Immediately with the back of the ladle, gently press the batter down and spread it out in a circular (clockwise or anticlockwise) fashion till the crepe is of desired thickness. As you spread it out the crepe will start cooking and drying out – so you wont be able to spread it any further.
    Pour batter in the center of the griddle
    Use the back of the ladle to spread the batter

    Spread the batter by moving ladle in a circular fashion towards the outer edge.
  9. Dot the edges of the crepe with any oil you are not allergic to. Let it cook so that the top of the crepe is almost try.

    Dot the edges of the crepe with oil
  10. With a flat spoon like the one shown below, gently pry the edges of the crepe free of the griddle and flip it over gently like you would a pancake, crepe or omlette.
    Gently release the edges of the crepe from the griddle

    Flip it by inserting the flat spoon underneath the crepe
  11. Cook on the other side for about a minute approximately. Basically both sides should be cooked and you can cook it desired brown color and crispness.

    Cook the other side of the crepe
  12. If the small crepe comes out properly  without sticking to the pan- the pan is at the right temperature and you can make the next crepe with a quarter cup of batter. Use about 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of oil when making a crepe this size. 
  13. Serve it hot with a dollop of dairy-free butter of your choice 🙂

    High protein AF Mung Bean Crepe!

Mung Bean crepes are super easy to make and taste good whether they come out thick or thin/ soft or crisp. A few pointers  will make the process even more facile 🙂


  • Try making it a non-stick griddle the first time. The crepe will release easily from the pan almost 100% of the time.
  • However, if you are like me and prefer a cast-iron griddle the crepe may stick if the pan is too hot or too cold. With a damp kitchen towel clean the surface of the griddle so there are no more pieces sticking to it. Adjust the flame to ensure that the griddle is the right temperature and try again.
  • Just like a savory crepe, it can be stuffed with onions, spinach, tomatoes, jalapenos, a sprinkle of your favorite cheese, shredded chicken or anything else your creativity allows 🙂
  • Remaining batter can be stored in the refrigerator section for upto a week. Psst…you can prep the batter a few days before you actually need it and serve out a gourmet dish early in the morning with very little effort 😉

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving countdown: AF Mung Bean Crepes!”

  1. Peppercorn and cilantro is a good twist to this recipe 🙂 Will give it a try. 🙂 Congrats on your being the top allergy friendly blogger 😀

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