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DariFree: a dairy-free milk alternative!

Yes – I am still around and working furiously on getting fun and unique input for AllergyFoodie 🙂  Am presently on a 2 month culinary journey in India. The objective – ferret out forgotten old family recipes from the deep recesses of my aunts’ memories! As we talk by the kitchen fire – long-forgotten memories of granny (whom I fondly called avva) surface, the flavors of some of the wholesome, simple and allergy-friendly dishes she used to make waft through and tantalize our mind’s nasal passages. The salient feature of avva’s dishes was how they had remained unchanged through generations – handed down from mom to daughter over the kitchen hearth. Unfortunately, many of these gems have gotten buried under the onslaught of modern quick cooking methods and new cuisines.  So, very soon you will see a series resulting from this food adventure but for now I have to share information about an exciting new product that I chanced upon…DariFree

Courtesy: Pictures taken from Vance Foods website

Now folks – dont ask me why I did not know about this elixir before…blame it on depending on Internet search engines more than live social interaction ;-)Recently, I met an amazing lady – the power house behind ‘Pure Gluten Free Gourmet Solutions’, Aradhana Chauhan. As we talked about various allergy friendly foods, she mentioned ‘Dari-Free’ – a non-dairy milk alternative; free of most common allergens including soy, dairy, nuts, eggs, seeds, corn and more. It is a product manufactured by Vance’s Foods, Salt lake City, Utah.


Courtesy: Pictures taken from Vance Foods website

I added a huge pinch of salt to her words as she sang praises of this great tasting, calcium enriched drink. After all – 6 years of allergy-friendly living and I had never come across one non-dairy alternative that was nutritious and tasted good. Neocate and Elecare  are nutritious but uber expensive and tastes gross. Of course there is no alternative to it in early infancy. However, as Arjun grew up – I discovered less expensive, tastier alternatives like Oat milk, Coconut milk, Hemp milk and Rice milk. All these alternatives had these problems:
1) Available only in liquid forms so was impossible to carry when traveling.
2) Available mainly in health food stores.
3) Nutrition and calorie content on the lower side.
4) Did not lend itself easily to being used as a replacement wherever dairy is used without altering texture and flavor considerably.

I tentatively ordered a few DariFree original and DariFree chocolate sample packets from their website – DariFree. Here was one time I was happy to eat my words (does not happen often!!) – my son absolutely loved the taste and I loved it too. It is available in powder form so easy to carry wherever you go – I am using it right now as I travel across India 5000 miles from home 🙂 Such a pleasure not to compromise on my son’s morning mug of hot chocolate – yayy! The best part is I can use it in pretty much all the dishes I would ideally use dairy like desserts, entrees, drinks and more. As always – to get the most out of allergy-friendly cooking…let your imagination run wild!

 I have found out the hard way – human beings with real experiences know far more than inanimate search engines. Google et al are great tools but cannot replace learning from another inquisitive person who has already treaded the path. So, if you have food allergies or are a caretaker to someone with allergies, remember the golden rule…Constantly network – the true blue way to get useful information!

Most importantly, try DariFree if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients . I am sure that this is one decision you are not going to regret 🙂

4 thoughts on “DariFree: a dairy-free milk alternative!”

  1. I got a son of 4 yrs old who is on the ASD. I live in India – Mumbai and am struggling to follow GFCF diet for him. Specifically the caseine free milk alternative. Any sugestions?

    1. Hi RK,

      The milk alternative I suggested works very well and they do ship abroad too – ‘DariFree’: However – they dont ship to India as of now. Let me talk to them and get you the required information. Some of the other options are rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk, coconut milk and soy milk – I am assuming he is on a GFCF diet and is not allergic to any foods.
      Wishing you the very best – I have heard extemely good things about a GFCF diet for chidren on the ASD.


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