Nice to be mentioned…

Blogs continue to disseminate relevant information in large part when other good websites and bloggers cite them. I owe the sustenance of my blog due to mentions by many fellow bloggers both in the field of food allergies and related fields…thank you!

1) Enjoy Life Foods Blog: It is a privilege to be a part of the blog roll of one of the foremost companies, making great food products for those suffering from all the top 8 food allergies, ‘Enjoy Life Foods’.

2) BeAllergyWise.com: Thank you Monique for a mention in your article ‘Multiple Food Allergies Complicate Life’. She has this to say about my blog… Another site that I like for those of us with multiple allergies is Allergy Foodie. Anu Rao writes about her journey with her son, who was also diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Her son is allergic to all 8 common food allergens! Her passion for good food that is fun means that her blog is full of discussions of ingredients, allergy free eating and good nutrition. (This is a woman after my own heart!)

Be Allergy Wise editor Monique Attinger is someone whose footsteps I am trying to follow – she is a former management consultant and researcher who has abandoned the rat race for the joys of childrearing and writing. Her two children are her inspiration to keep learning as much as possible about allergies – both hers and theirs.

3) Healthcare Technicians: Thank you Heather Trotter for mentioning my blog in your article ‘Who needs wheat anyways? The Top 50 Celiac Blogs’. Heather has this to say about my blog…‘Allergy Foodie – What are the top eight food allergies? Find out through the blog, but more importantly, it includes tips on how to live with each. Gluten free is just one of them.’

Heather Trotter’s blog is a gold mine of information for healthcare technicians and those aspiring to be one.

2 thoughts on “Nice to be mentioned…”

  1. You should be noticed, because you write so many great recipes and tips, who not help but to notice you. You are helping so many people with your knowledge, and your healthy eating shows in your beautiful complexion and happy smile!

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