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Allergic Girl – A review

One of my favorite food allergy blogs has got to be Allergic Girl . Sloane Miller offers useful, practical and fun ways of leading a full life with food allergies. Her book  ‘Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies ‘ is just what the allergist ordered 😉 The book trailer is a must watch, fun preview…

Her blog is a gold mine of informations but one article taught me a life lesson. When dealing with food allergies, doctors, nurses and parents are always talking about anaphylactic shock, epipen, benadryl et al but I have never heard anyone heard anyone talk about PTSD associated with anaphylactic shock. I am one parent who is guilty of it too – how can such a traumatic event as being 5 minutes away from death not result in PTSD?!? Allergic Girl was the first website I found that talked about this – PTSD . Thank you Ms. Sloan Miller for making me that much more of an informed parent.

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