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Yayy – Vegan Rella is back!!!

After months of being unavailable Vegan Rella is back on store shelves. I had asked my local health food store, ‘Fountain of Vitality’ to save me a couple of blocks the moment it came in. Awesome of them to do it because they had managed to get only a small supply and that had flown off the shelves by the time I got there. If Vegan Rella is the only kind of cheese you or someone known to you can have,  make the trip to the store immediately. The joy on my son’s face as he bit into the cheese – priceless 🙂 

Vegan Rella is manufactured by  Panos Brands. Their customer servicer personnel are quite helpful and can be reached at:   

Phone #: 1-201-843-8900 Email address: / 

2 thoughts on “Yayy – Vegan Rella is back!!!”

  1. Just bought couple days ago. accidentally looked at back label (didnt occur to me id Need to). “MADE IN A FACILITY THAT USES SOY AND MILK PRODUCTS”.

    1. That is a very good point and something people with food allergies should pay attention to. My son’s allergist has okayed eating products which are made in the same facility. However, that is a decision each person should make for themselves in conjunction with their allergist.

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