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Where is Vegan Rella cheese?

For all those consumers who are wondering what happened to Vegan Rella Cheese – I called up the company to enquire about the non-availability of Vegan Rella. The customer service representative I talked to said that due to supply problems of one of the ingredients, there has been no production of  vegan rella for the past 2 months. This problem should be set right in the next 2 weeks and consumers should start seeing vegan rella cheese in store shelves starting January 2010.

I heaved a sigh of relief since this is the only brand of allergy friendly cheese whcih actually melts and tastes reasonably good!

11 thoughts on “Where is Vegan Rella cheese?”

  1. It’s the only chesse that my daughter can eat, and I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE. whew!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Laura,
      Am glad you found the information useful. That is the only allergy friendly cheese that I know of that actually melts 🙂 Have you tried 100% dairy free, soy-free, gluten-free Rice Cheese Slices? It is made by a company called Galaxy Nutritional Foods.


  2. Hi Anu and Laura,
    I am grateful for this information. My daughter can and will eat only this cheese. I have been having a hard time with her. However Anu if you have a dairy allergy you might want to check the ingredients of the rice cheese which has casien , a milk protein. Cannot want to see Vegan Rella again.

    1. Hi Judith,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. You are right about some brands of rice cheese – it does have dairy in it. However, a company called Galaxy Nutritional foods makes vegan rice cheese slices – It contains pea protein but is soy and dairy free. My son loves to eat the slice as is or in a sandwich. The only drawback is it pretty much does not melt so a gooey grilled cheese sandwich is out of the question 🙂 It is available in Whole Foods market,


  3. I called the company in December and I was also told that we would see the cheese on the shelves in January. They told me that one of the ingredients will have a replacement, but when I inquired what ingredient they would be substituting they didn’t give me an answer. It is now the end of January, and I still don’t see Vegan Rella on the shelf. It’s the only cheese my highly allergic daughter can eat, and likes. We would try the one that Anu recommended, though the 3 Whole Foods Market near me don’t carry it. I’ll have to see if I can order it online.

  4. My nutrition store is carrying the vegan rella cheddar again and I am still waiting for the mozzerella flavor. Be careful with the Galaxy vegan rice slices. My husband is allergic to dairy and soy and has a reaction to that cheese. Many people who are allergic to soybeans are also allergic to other legumes(peas, beans).

  5. Thanks for all the info – I have been in a panic the last few months. My daughter is very allergic to milk. When Vegan Rella disappeared, we tried all sorts of different vegan brands of cheese, but she hated them all! We are up in Calgary Alberta Canada so I hope we will see our fave vegan cheese back soon!!
    I am also wondering if anyone has the contact info for Vegan Rella. I’ve searched the web and can’t see it for some reason.
    Thank you!

  6. I can’t find Vegan Rella anywhere! Not online either… Anyone have information on how to contact the company? Info on where to buy?

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