And, the journey continues…

A lot of exciting changes have happened since I last wrote about my son’s multiple food allergies –  http://allergyfoodie.com/2009/09/20/there-is-hope-a-personal-story/. It definitely merits an update of my 5 year old’s journey navigating the bizzare world of allergies 🙂 His 5th birthday was super special – for the first time he got to celebrate a cake made from wheat.… Continue reading And, the journey continues…


A family legacy and allergy friendly fryums – Part 2

The warm Saturday afternoon sunshine, family gossip and fryums – life just does not get better. Oh wait, it did get better…the one thing I have loved even as a little girl – a handwoven string of fresh fragrant flowers to adorn the hair. That was my kiddie cousin’s spontaneous gift for me from their… Continue reading A family legacy and allergy friendly fryums – Part 2

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Allergy Foodie’s 100th Post – Celebrations!!

Pheww – I have been exercising my grey cells overtime the past few weeks to come up with a momentous 100th post for Allergy Foodie! My mind raced over the past few years since Arjun was born and I was unceremoniously thrown into the world of multiple food allergies – it is a kaleidoscope of people who have helped make… Continue reading Allergy Foodie’s 100th Post – Celebrations!!


As Allergy Foodie slowly but surely approaches its 3rd anniversary, it is with a sense of immense gratitude and delight that I share with all my readers details of some of the awards and honorable mentions that the blog has garnered along the way.  The smile on my son’s face and these moments when my… Continue reading Press